26 02 2010

It’s cool how the God of the universe orchestrates our lives and
intertwines us to create a masterpiece, yet we only see a
glimpse…and it’s breathtaking!

Have you ever looked up close at a painting, a tapestry, or a watched
as an orchestra practices countless hours to master their music pieces to
put on their final performance?  Let me just tell you it’s messy, but the
end result… Breathtaking!

Take a look at Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and watch as the brushstrokes
make the sky dance in this beautiful display of colors and rhythm…
You can almost feel the stars twinkle as the clouds roll by… But
get right up to that magnificent painting you can see the
brushstrokes, the endless hours, the paint itself in globs and
mounds spread across the canvas. Look right at that twinkling star.
Looks like a two year old dug for gold, found some goo instead and
decided to share it with the world. Notice it’s nothing but a glob
of goo stuck between other globs of blues and shades of black smeared
and spread across the page with rays peeking out amidst the gaps.
But take a step back and watch the whole creation dance and sing a
song of praise…truly a sight to behold.

But my life is but a vapor, a glimpse of God’s creation, a tiny star
blended with the blues & blacks, a stitch in Gods perfect tapestry.
And for now until we reach heaven we sit amongst the globs watching
shaky peaks rise up around us and a brush of color glide by. Some
bumping into us and others blending with our own hue to create a
wonderful new design.

Looking forward to seeing all of creation dance before the Lord
Almighty!  Do you think Daddy would let me see His masterpiece when
it’s finished?!?
Ephesians 2:10 — “for we are Gods workmanship created in Christ Jesus
to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Hearts revealed (rewind)

6 02 2010

I have  a repeat from my first month blogging to share because it begins to capture where I at today and so I will have to follow up next week with more… It amazes me that we can over and over end up in the same place, maybe there are some things that need to be dealt with but we’ll save that for next week.  Let’s begin with the condition, shall we?

As I sit here in my room…my toes are freezing (I really need to put some socks on, but I’m just to lazy to get up from my comfy chair and walk all the way across my bedroom just to warm my toes.) My heater is blaring and I hear the distant cries of little brothers arguing over the tv or video games…then of course the loud crash of glasses falling to the ground. When there are four little ones running around broken dishes are a regular occurrence. If you ever come to dinner you may want to BYOB…(Bring Your Own Bowl) but that’s a blog in itself…

As I listen to rustle in the kitchen and the dishes crashing to the ground…it resonates… I understand how that dish must feel as it lays bare on the ground, alone, broken and scattered across the floor… If you could take a tube and stick it up my nose into my chest you may see evidence of something resembling that dish. I actually have no idea what the dish was, but for story’s sake I will call it a coffee mug. What once was filled with warm coffee, or hot cocoa lays shattered, in pieces and probably now in the trash, headed to fill some hole in the ground.

Now I’m not saying my heart is ready to be lifelessly placed in a hole and covered with dirt somewhere, but it has been broken into a million pieces, and is being covered with the hands of God.  Now I must take this opportunity to say that brokenness is not necessarily a bad thing… in fact this brokenness is certainly building within me a heart that hopefully looks a little more like Christ.

To go along with my coffee mug I have this spout of a nose today…it’s really great because as these projectile gobs of goo come shooting out it exposes a little more of what’s inside each time. I’m pretty sure I have a record.. going on 10 sneezes just while writing this blog! I’ve had to get up each time and walk across the room to my bathroom, but still haven’t found my way to the sock drawer…o, well, soon… Anyway, with every content moment I suddenly feel this tickle in my nose and know something isn’t right. Now I may be small…but when I sneeze I’m pretty sure my neighbors hear it. It’s this really high pitched AHHH…squ-e-e-e-k! and it all comes out, but as it sprays…it pains! I feel the effects of that sneeze for a good few minutes afterward and the pressure is relieved, until the next time.

can some of you relate… the pressure builds until finally it all comes spraying out in a loud crash!?!?!? anyone, can I get an AMEN!

What is the condition of your heart.. What does it look like?? Why??

Redeemed by Love

29 12 2009

My favorite weekend at the NorthWest Campus of!

You have to check this video out and see what God has done…and continues to do!

He is a God of Redeeming Love and Grace like you wouldn’t believe…

Cardboard Testimonies

May the Walls Come Tumbling Down *remix*

1 12 2009

Sitting in a room, a sanctuary, looking up, turn your head slightly to one side…now to the other…
What do you see?
You may see people…do you know them??
You may see empty seats…do you know someone who could be sitting there?

You may see windows…who’s out there???

Anyone…hurting people who need the love and joy of Christ!?!?
or Looking out you may see walls…

I remember sitting in my first church in 8th grade. I had been attending this church for a few months and grown to love them very much.  I remember sitting front and center and hearing God whisper something into my heart. He whispered many things to me as I sat there week after week. But this week His words sang a different tune.
He said, “Look over” turning my head to the right, “What do you see?”
“Tiffany?” I thought…
He said, “Past Tiffany, what do you see?”
*pause* “Ummm… people,” I replied.
“Do you know them?”
“Well, there’s Katie, and Kris, Brooke, and Jill, and that one lady I’ve talked to, that dude who’s really nice, oh and that other chick, who, I’m not really sure why she’s here…she’s mean. As for the rest, GOD, I’m not really sure…I’ve seen them before.”
He just said…”Now look past them, what do you see?”
*confused*  I shot back, “Nothing” He seemed to say look again,
I looked… again… nothing. Then I saw it… *revelation* A WALL! “WOW, It’s a Wall!”…I don’t know about you, but by now I’m thinking this is silly, right?  I see walls all the time, in fact…I live inside walls, go to school inside walls, everything…inside walls. It was then that I SAW, like Paul on the road to Damascus.  It took God opening my eyes to FINALLY SEE!

For any peacemakers who may be reading, you may say, “Walls…we should be building bridges not walls!”
For any handy men, you’re thinking, “Are there holes in the dry-wall, is that the problem, maybe it just needs a little touch up and some paint.”
For any planners, you’re hoping I’ll get to the point sometime in the next century, and I will…bear with me.

To me God said, “We must get out!” Look at these walls… they separate God’s people from those who need HIM. Why are we always stuck between the walls?  We must venture out!
Why have our walls come to mean safety and security, so much so that we are afraid to go out…to know people, to reach out to love people?

Why are these walls still up???
We continue to build walls around our lives, our hearts, our passions, our families, etc… What are they for?
protection, peace, keep people out… or in… *gasp*

Back when Jesus died the curtain was ripped, the veil was torn from top to bottom so that all could come into the “Holy-of-Holies” and stand before the throne of God. We were all made equal…we are all sinners, the difference is that some of us have been forgiven through God’s grace, and made new. As for the rest… why do we put up walls that keep people from knowing Christ, from truly experiencing Him…and knowing us?

You don’t clean up before you take a shower…people, let us tear down our walls and allow the blood of Christ to flood our hearts and lives! May our lives glorify God and let us all come into the Holy-of-Holies, standing before our King joined and knit together in the bond of Christ!


6 05 2009

I would like to establish 2 things:

1.  The Bible is true

2.  God is the God of the Bible

If you agree with those two statements that the Bible is true and God is the God of the Bible…If God is who he says he is…then that CHANGES EVERYTHING!!!

Do you BELIEVE these statements?

What do you do when… (thought 2)

27 02 2009

What do you do when you realize your dreams are too small?

What do you do when your dreams are too BIG and your God is too small?

The day we realize we can’t do it on our own is the day our dreams, our goals, our ambitions are sHaTTerEd and GOD has a chance to lead.

What do you do when?!?!

What do you do when…

26 02 2009

What do you do when you realize everything you ever dreamed, ever hoped for, ever wanted…is your reality?!?!

I guess I better come up with some more dreams, bigger goals…

What have you dreamed of?
What goals do you have?

*more what do you do when…to come*


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